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Data & AI Offerings

We carry a strong experience in delivering Data & AI  Solutions and it includes - new development, customization, migration to a new BI Platform, health-check, performance tuning and cloud migration etc. 

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Data Quality & Integration

Building solutions for improving the quality of your data and its integrations with your key applications. Ensuring the sanctity of the data which will be available for further decision management. 

Database, Datawarehouse & Datalake

Developing and ensuring that your Data is available in Datasbase, Datawarehouse and Datalake for downstream applications, bi tools and analytics consumption.

Data Visualization

Building and mapping personas with the KPI needs of the users on the BI Tools. Ensuring all the industry lead KPI bank is available to the customer for further report building

Data Science & Analytics

Providing tools and technology for the customer to know what will happen and why it will happen.

Department Solutions

Glorious Insight can assist you in transforming your  departments decision management processes, whether it is HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations etc, then for the same we have rich BI solutions available with 100+ KPI's attached.

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BI for Finance Department

Balance Sheet, AP Reports, AR Reports, Turnover, Budgeting and Planning, Budget Variance, Expense Insight, Cash Flow, Dividends, CAGR etc

Modernizing HR Decisions

We have build more than 100+ KPI's for the HR Department to consume from our ready to use BI Report.

Achieve Sales Quota with Insight

Our Sales and Marketing Reports include detailed insight for all the level of reporting needs and decision management.

CXO - My Company Insight

This report gives the complete view to the CXO's from all the aspects of Sales, Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations etc

Cloud Managed Services

Glorious Insight assists customers in migrating, managing and modernizing the customers landscape with Microsoft Azure Cloud Offering. 

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Cloud Migration

Integration, Assessment and Migration of your on-premise setup to the Azure Cloud.

Recovery and Backup

We recover and backup your data, application and processes which are on-premise, giving you the best SLA for the same. 


We help you understand how business challenges best fit the rich set of possibilities in the Cloud and optimize consumption

Infrastructure Support

We provide a range of infrastructure and platform services consisting of 24x7 management, governance and control.

Custom Applications

Are you lacking the capabilities in transforming your traditional processes and procedures due to the lack of Digital Applications. Glorious Insight provides transforming solutions in modernizing your environment with great applications enriched with classic user experience. 

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HR, Finance and Sales Application

We have built various applications for the needs of HR, Finance, Sales on some of the latest technologies. These applications can be readily consumed and is available in both Cloud and On Premise in a very optimized pricing model of user base or server model.

E-Commerce and Customer Portal

If you are considering of providing an e-commerce portal / customers portal for your clients or internal emploayees then Glorious Insight may assist you with best of the application development needs

Mobile Application

Our experience lies strongly in the space of mobile application development and till date we have delivered more than 18 Mobile Applications for the customers in India and abroad.

E-Learning Application

It is our ready to use solution and can be made available to you in a user licensing model with detailed reporting insight of your organizations learning curve. 

Services Options

Some of our services delivery options are as next :

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Fixed Price Projects

Complete assessment is done for the application to be development and payments are made as per the milestones defined.

Time and Material

When you are not sure of the complete delivery and are looking forward to consume the services in time and material fashion.

Staffing Services

In order to speed up your existing delivery, we support you with your staffing services and this includes skills from developer to an architect to a program manager.

On Demand Support

In order to have a complete safety and security on your existing investment, Glorious Insight assist you with On Demand Support as X Number of Tickets every year or X Number of Hours every year or X days of Consulting Support