Cloud, Cognitive & IOT

Bluemix: GloriousInsight specializes in Watson on Bluemix, the first cognitive computing platform designed to support the development of various of enterprise solutions. Watson transforms – through cloud mobility, automation efficiency, and cognition power – fundamental business givens.


Softlayer:SoftLayer provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based on bare metal servers. Supported by a global network of data centers secured to the highest level. SoftLayer provides the platform for service expansion. Sit behind the controls and build your cloud, exactly how you want, and support the business growth.


Watson: IBM’s Watson Discovery is an AI-powered search and text analytics tool that enables you to receive targeted and specific answers from your data, all while keeping it private and secure on the IBM Cloud or any other cloud or on-premises environment.


Watson IOT: The Watson IoT Platform a cloud-hosted service on IBM Bluemix designed to simplify Internet of Things development so you can derive more results from your IoT data..