Information Management 

Grow your business, lower your costs, and integrate your enterprise with IMS:-

IBM Information Management System (IMS), built by IBM System delivers the lowest cost transaction and hierarchical database management system for mission critical OLTP. It provide the capabilities for both managing and distributing data, IBM IMS delivers the highest levels of availability, performance, security, and scalability in the industry. Expansive integration capabilities enable SOA exploitation, enhanced analytics, new application development, mobile technology, and more.


Cognos:- IBM Cognos is a business intelligence tool for web-based reporting and analytics. This enterprise software provides various features to perform data aggregation and create user-friendly detailed reports.


Content Store: It is set of database tables which are used by the Content Manager to store application data of the Cognos.


Content Manager : The Cognos manager helps you to manage storage and retrieval of report specifications, configuration data, published packages, from the content store database.


Cognos Content Database: Cognos content database is a self-contained database server which is used to host the content store database in demo environments when enterprise DMBS in unavailable.


Datastage:- DataStage (DS) is an ETL tool that can extract data, transform it, apply business principles and load it to any specific point. It is a part of IBM’s Information Platforms Solutions suite. DataStage makes use of graphical annotations for developing data integration solutions. They can conjunct all types of data.


Infosphere:- InfoSphere Information Server combines the technologies of IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM InfoSphere FastTrack, IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director, IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog, and IBM InfoSphere QualityStage into a single unified platform that enables companies to understand, cleanse, transform.


SPSS:- IBM SPSS Statistics to solve business and research problems by means of ad hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, geospatial analysis, and predictive analytics.


Netezza:-The IBM Netezza appliance is a test and development system and packs the performance and simplicity of Netezza’s unique architecture into a compact footprint. The IBM Netezza appliance serve customers an economical platform to develop and test their Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytic applications.


FileNet:-FileNet is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution product suite from IBM. Enterprises uses FileNet to manage their content and business processes


DataCap:-IBM Datacap products offer document capture and high-speed data extraction technology for improved document management.


They help extract analytics and accelerate information sharing to expedite caseloads, file patient claims and improve other document-based processes.