Matching students and colleges

While students look for the best college/university for enrollment, institutes strive to pick the best applicants. AI-based solutions can help both students and organizations to find the most suitable match. These solutions provide a comprehensive report on the performance of various institutes based on different parameters. Students can use these tools to find the most affordable institute that also provides high-quality education in their chosen domain.


On the other hand, organizations can evaluate students based on their academic records and entrance test results in no time. Analytics help in creating a ranking list and allow institutes to pick the cream.

Why Glorious Insight ?

We develop ultra-customized solutions

Our solutions are highly customized to meet your need and also allow features to customize lectures and material for individual students or classes.

We have an experienced team devoted to clients’ success

We are equipped with seasoned education experts who strive to incept interesting and novel ways to drive success and growth in education.

We provide innovative and futuristic solutions

We develop solutions that are powered by technology and interactive interfaces and focused to serve the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.