Smart curriculum, test preparation, and scoring

In traditional systems, tests are prepared manually and cover only a limited evaluation criterion. Mostly the evaluation is based on knowledge acquired and its theoretical implementation. With analytics based on AI and machine learning analytics teachers can conduct examinations in a way that tests the real skills and practical implementation of knowledge.


The main objective of an institute is to deliver results and produce youth that is capable of contributing to the betterment of the world. For achieving these objectives, institutes not only have to deliver appropriate education but also have to reinvent their evaluation processes. They need to be aware of the current developments in various fields and judge complicated skillsets like decision making, problem-solving, inferring abilities, etc.


Analytics tools using big data and machine learning assess the students' data and market and social trends. They provide valuable insight that enables educators to determine the best curriculum, teaching style, and capabilities of their students.

Why Glorious Insight ?

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