Performing organizational tasks

Apart from teaching, educators or instructors are also responsible for other organizational tasks. Efficient and precise handling of non-teaching tasks such as scheduling, preparation of assignment, grading, management of study material, handling attendance, etc is crucial for successfully running an institute.


Analytics and business intelligence tools can provide great assistance in performing these tasks. For instance, to prepare a schedule many factors should be considered including the availability of instructor, availability of the class/students, laboratory and workspaces, etc. Analytics tools can give a detailed insight and help in preparing a resource allocation plan that is comfortable for students and profitable for the institutes.


These tools help maintain records of enrollment, students' attendance, educators' attendance, educators' expertise, and performance, etc. Analyzing this data can give critical information about the critical to ensure effective utilization of resources and make result-oriented plans. Comparing the current result with the historical data, management can evaluate the overall organizational performance, pinpoint the issues, and make actionable decisions that drive improvement.

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