Password reset automation

Changing passwords is a critical operation in the industry that has been kept under the microscope by the authorities for a long time. Authorities are constantly reviewing it and suggesting increasing complexity. The operation is also among the most frequently requested ones, as much research shows 30 to 50 percent calls for changing passwords. The process consumes plenty of time and money which leads to user frustration, customer dissatisfaction, and exposure to vulnerabilities.


The process of resetting passwords is transactional and repeatable which is why it can be easily automated. Using software bots along with IT service management tools and standardized templates makes the job straightforward.


You can easily generate requests for password change in no time and can also mark it based on your urgency level. These requests are processed through priority-based queues and a message of completion of the request is sent to the user. The service desks need to interfere only if some exception is raised that has to be manually addressed.

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