Cloud Migration

Get ready for disruption and capitalize on growth opportunities through the endless virtual pool of storage, network, and computational resources by migrating to the clouds.

If you are looking for a digital transformation or expansion, cloud migration is a vital game-changing leap. It is essentially the transportation of your applications, databases, and IT to clouds thereby creating a new operating environment. Whether you are looking for cloud-to-cloud transition or premises-to-cloud transition, you can choose from a wide array of platforms and migration models. Glorious insight has vast experience in cloud migration in various industries. Our team of elite experts ensures a smooth and effective migration that results in increased productivity and boosts your ROI. We delegate services for all popular platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc. Our rich partners' ecosystem gives us a competitive edge in cloud migration services.

Re-hosting - Using the same applications, but on clouds.
Re-platforming - Lift-and-shift for optimization with the same core.
Re-factoring - Leveraging cloud-native capabilities by rebuilding applications.
Re-purchasing - Replacing existing applications with new cloud platforms.
Retiring - Writing off unused applications to boost migration business cases.
Revisiting - Retaining applications that make no sense for migration.
Reduced TCO

Shifting your server, applications, and data to flexible pay-as-you-go cloud-based IT infrastructure helps in reducing the total cost of ownership of your organization. You pay only for what you consume.

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High Availability

Cloud computing services are hosted on a high-performance IT infrastructure. For e.g., Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google, runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube.

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Enhanced Safety

Data centers operated by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other reliable tech giants enjoy high-level security. Moreover, there are ample security features to help you configure the safety for different types of data, network, or storage.

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Increased Efficiency

Migrating your applications, servers, storage, or networks to the cloud helps you get a significant boost in IT uptime and performance. Selection of the right cloud model and proper migration is imperative, where we provide end-to-end help.

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Cloud service providers following the replication techniques to create multiple redundant servers, networks, or storage that may come. If there is any failure with respect to one component, the next one takes its place to serve the requests.

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Build Trust

High service availability, safety, efficiency, and resilience contribute to your organizational efficiency as people, partners, customers, and other stakeholders are able to access the information, products, or services without any barrier.

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Your roadmap to effective cloud migration

Glorious Insight believes that there is no universal playbook for cloud migration. We understand your organization's needs to formulate the best migration strategy and pick the best-fit cloud platforms.

Why choose Glorious Insight for cloud assessment services?

We provide all migration services under one roof

Glorious Insight provides comprehensive cloud services. From planning to post-migration assistance, completely customized and proficient services are delivered. Command of state-of-the-art technologies, leading partners, and in-house domain experts ensure smooth and effective cloud migration.

We understand your organization

Cloud migration is different for every industry and every enterprise. We deliver completely customized migration to the clouds that address your specific needs and expectations considering your existing systems, budget, migration aims, expected outcomes.

We are supported by an exceptional ecosystem for migration services

Glorious Insight is a partner with leading technology providers. This grants us greater accessibility, proficiency, and confidence in the advanced state-of-the-art cloud platforms. You get benefited from our partnerships for a hassle-free and rapid migration.

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