Application portfolio rationalization services

Create a simple, agile, and productive application portfolio by consolidating and rationalizing applications that are well-aligned with your business goals.

Application portfolio rationalization (APR) is a powerful tool for organizations combating stringent cost pressure. It helps you overcome challenges such as massive application size and complexity, inflexibility, inefficient license management, and high ownership costs. APR drives your operational efficiency and slashes down IT spending by making your application portfolio more productive and flexible to accommodate rapid changes in the business environment. Glorious Insight focuses on APR services to boost productivity and drive transformational growth. Our experts identify under-utilized and redundant applications that need to retire and enhance your portfolio with more fruitful ones. We deliver actionable strategies and roadmaps to minimize portfolio risks, enhance simplicity and agility, and capitalize on cloud migration opportunities.

Mark Quantitative Bottom Lines
Harmonize Business And IT
Transform Improvement Theories To Meaningful Results
Establish Robust Application Health Analysis Models
Define SMART Objectives
Commit To Organization-Wide Impact
What’s business analytics and why data science is important

Although the terms business analytics and data science are used interchangeably, there is a fine line that differentiates them. Business analytics is a statistical study of structured business data to address a specific business problem. On the other hand, data analytics address a wider range of problems using technology, statistics, and algorithms.

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Innovative services through the combination

Business analytics and big data analytics have completely refashioned the way businesses are run. Studying huge datasets has become easier and more efficient. You can deduce accurate and interesting information that impacts your judgment.

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Business intelligence

Business intelligence is focused on finding the actionable data and providing precise insight into it for decision making. The best tools for business analytics forms an ideal decision support system by delivering the right information, at the right time, in the right way. It enables decision-makers on all levels to make an informed call rather than relying on their gut feeling. It minimizes the risks. Data is delivered in different combinations to drive innovation and get more timely and economic solutions.

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Your roadmap for a successful application portfolio rationalization

Glorious Insight’s team makes extensive efforts in understanding and analyzing your application portfolio. Our objective is to provide a custom-tailored rationalization that transforms your portfolio to yield enhanced outcomes.

Why choose Glorious Insight for Application Portfolio Rationalization services?

We significantly reduce IT landscape ownership cost

Glorious Insight team identifies and eliminates under-performing and replicated legacy applications from your enterprise’s IT landscape. We direct your expenses only to the applications that are efficient and yield value to the enterprise.

We provide value-driven application rationalization

We meticulously analyze applications, their usage, and the business processes they implement. Our team quantifies the technical and functional health of the application and ensures only productive applications are included.

We deliver data source unification

We help you discover the single source of truth for assessing the key performance indices of the applications. We analyze external data and data from within the IT landscape to evaluate the real risk, cost, business alignment, etc of each application before rationalizing the portfolio.

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