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From primary schools to institutes for higher studies such as colleges, universities, and trade schools, the way education is perceived and provided has changed dramatically over time. Institutes are required to provide personalized learning programs and optimized resource allocations and scheduling along with conventional record-keeping and educational growth. This calls for the need for a data-driven approach to help students, teachers, parents, alumni, administrators, and legislators achieve their individual goals.

Glorious Insight has worked with prominent educational institutes to develop analytics solutions that enable institutes to deliver more with less. Our solutions provide a complete picture to the management with detailed analysis for effective problem solving, precise and meaningful summary for a quick view, intuitive, dynamic, interactive, and flexible reporting to assist decision making. .

With data-led analytics, you can focus on raking in research, employment, and students' surveys to keep up with the industry standards and state rules. You can provide a more relevant curriculum and train your students with in-demand skills and increase job placements.


Educational institutions have to deal with a lot of pressure from the government and community to deliver result-oriented services with limited resources. They have to produce to-the-point reporting and metrics to satisfy the external stakeholders and keep the funding and budgetary requirements fulfilled.

BI solutions for the education industry can extract scattered and diverse data and derive metrics that clearly reflect the KPIs. It helps in forecasting trends, making strategies, and confident decisions. These solutions deliver information about incomes in the form of fundings, fees, and expenses in infrastructure, salaries, and facilities.

All the data can be put to use quickly for accurate planning. This ensures better management of resources and delivers quality education, superior results, and skilled and talented youth that are ready to take on to the opportunities.

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Enterprise-grade analytics provide real-time data analytics to the institutes to run their operations at different stages. It allows the management to measure and monitor the parameters related to students, teachers, and parents and respond to them in real-time. These systems are often complex with several components such as a learning management system, learning object repository, etc to provide a comprehensive solution that includes all the departments and segments of beneficiaries.

The availability of consistent data across the institution allows rapid decision making and quick and organized communication at all levels for the implementation of the decisions. For instance, consistent students' data can help the finance department to keep track of outstanding fee payments, the examination department to monitor academic progress, and proctors to maintain records about attendance and discipline. Enterprise-grade analytics solutions can simplify various processes and help the institutes run efficiently.

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Advanced analytics with the help of technologies like AI and ML are greatly helpful in developing personalized learning plans and material. These technologies can give deeper insight into the performance of a student individually and in a group. It becomes much easier to identify the problem areas and interest areas for a student and provide a personalized course.

In the present day and age, skills such as practical implementation, ability to innovate, conceptual application of knowledge to problem-solving, etc are vital for a successful career. Unlike conventional manual assessment systems, analytics provides a clearer picture for every student in terms of these subjective parameters.

Also, the world is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. In this scenario, many institutes fail to deliver the most recent and relevant curriculum. A thorough analysis of the latest developments in different fields and predictive analytics for a future scope can enable institutions to keep updating their syllabi and ensure their students are educated and skilled enough to lead the world to a better future.

Educational institutions are drifting more towards technology-based learning at every level. Whether it is elementary, higher studies, or professional education the shift is apparent and the motive is to provide quality education to the learners. One of the biggest challenges of the industry is to deliver according to the grasping power of each student. Every learner understands and thinks at a different rate. Analytics can help capture this ability and provide a customized experience.

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