Data Integration Services

Discover how Glorious Insight services and solutions can help your enterprise turn digital challenges into business success.

Rapid transformations in the business world necessitate innovation and preparedness to adapt to the new business models. While data science and data analytics provide deeper insight into trends and patterns, automated unified governance and integration are necessary to derive higher-value work.

Glorious Insight provides unified governance and integration solutions using market-leading technologies combined with automation using AI and machine learning. We ensure the continuous availability of high-quality data across the organization to increase data efficiency and findability.

The right information is available to the right people, all the time from a variety of sources. This helps in implementing governing rules with greater effectiveness and precision. Major services for unified governance and integration include the following.

Data Integration

Data integration can be understood as an orchestration of business processes and technology with an aim to extract useful information from enterprise data. Data available from diverse sources is processed to infer information that is meaningful and helps in enhancing processes

Glorious Insight uses the best data integration tools for transforming data and delivering it across the enterprise. We understand the need for faster time to value with the least IT risk and provide solutions for data profiling, enrichment, and standardization. The key benefits you can draw from our data integration services are:

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Data Replication

Real-time data integration

We simplify the data integration process and provide flexible solutions. This helps in significantly boosting the performance of your big data initiatives.

Seamless and rapid integration

Ditching the traditional triggers or database queries, our solutions capture data from database logs. This helps in establishing a scalable, subtle, and customized data replication platform. It makes data available to lakes, stores, and warehouses dynamically and constantly.

High-level protection and high availability

With our data replication solutions, you can create a backup that is synchronized with your mission-critical systems. This ensures the availability and safety of data even during downtimes.

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