Customer Support

Providing personalized travel assistance is one of the best ways to retain customers. Technologies like AI and ML can dramatically change the way customer services are delivered. With our experience with various travel and hospitality companies, we have learned that the speed of response to queries is crucial for good customer service. High-speed responses for common and generic questions can be provided by deploying virtual assistance

Data analytics can give unprecedented insight into the customer data and behavior to target and convert new potential customers. However, combining analytics with machine learning can do wonders in retaining the most valuable customers (MVC).

The travel and hospitality industry conducts loyalty programs that give them enough legacy data regarding their valued customers. These customers are low-hanging fruits for the companies. Machine learning can efficiently exploit this historical data along with real-time information about these customers to provide personalized and accurately relevant offers. It can increase up-sale and cross-sale and help to avoid churn.

Why Glorious Insight ?

We provide data-driven solutions

Our solutions are armed with powerful data-driven analytics that helps you make business-critical decisions like pricing in real-time and stay competitive.

We harness the power of technology to help you innovate

We combine technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud, to help you deeply understand your customers and deliver innovative and personalized services.

We provide affordable solutions with 24x7 customer support

We are committed to provide quality solutions at the most honest pricing and prioritize addressing your issues, queries, and requests.