• About Us

    We are an experienced organization having pool of rich technology and domain experts. Our intention is to set tomorrow's huge enterprise benchmarks today. We constantly innovate to deliver the best services and solution experience

Empowering decision-makers, reshaping enterprise operations and helping companies to transform digitally to thrive in this competitive world.

 Glorious Insight implements innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies like BI, Big Data, and Machine Learning to radically transform the businesses. We provide Business Intelligence (BI) and other Analytics services that help businesses optimize their processes, build rewarding customer relationships, adhere to industry standards and state regulations, minimize risk, and maximize profitability. Services provided by us are based on open source standards & cloud support that ensures exceptional compatibility across different platforms. We provide Data and AI services built on OEM Solutions that allow you to work with the familiar tools & skill sets thereby saving time & resources that would go in learning the new ones. 

We are known for providing quick, flexible, and scalable solutions that are customized to meet your organization and operational objectives at honest pricing. The Business Value Assessment Tool built by us for each of your problem statements enables you to assess the readiness of your company for the technologies and solutions we provide. You can evaluate the feasibility of the project through our website even before you make your first visit. 

Along with business analytics, our services cover data science, data management, and unified governance integration to provide a holistic solution for your company. We combine our domain experience and technological expertise to deliver tools for predictive analysis, perspective analysis, and business rule management and optimization to enhance your decision making. We empower you to take rapid, consistent, precise, and lucrative decisions based on facts derived from huge piles of data. We offer our services to diverse industries including Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, IT/ITES, Oil & Gas etc Glorious Insight are equipped with the latest technology, highly-skilled and experienced leadership and manpower, and fueled with the passion to provide revolutionary solutions to give a competitive edge.

Client Satisfaction is the ultimate goal!!!

  • Our clients are our highest priority. We believe that our clients’ growth is our growth and do whatever is in their best interest.
  • We let them present what they want and how they visualize their company to be and serve. We create solutions to transform their brave ideas into smart reality.
  • We do not hesitate to compromise our short-term interests for long-term benefits that would be valuable for both our clients and us.
  • All our staff members work towards our sovereign objective of keeping the clients above all personal or organizational interests.

Constant learning is the only way forward !!!

  • We find young and talented enthusiasts and put them through the grind to shape them into the best professionals.
  • We welcome unique and audacious ideas and maintain an environment that helps our people to identify their potential. We give them the liberty to go beyond their limits and discover new horizons.
  • We encourage extended learning that can fuel innovation and ensure unceasing growth for our people, client, and the company.
  • We value fascination about learning new things and a strong craving for growth, more than just the skill sets, and prefer our people to be like that.

Innovate and Lead from the front !!!

  • We continuously challenge ourselves to create unconventional and unprecedented solutions that set a new benchmark.
  • We support unconventional ideas and their rapid implementation. Just like we own our successes, we embrace our failures, learn, adapt, and transform them into achievements.
  • We proudly acknowledge the role of entrepreneurs and scientists to redesign and modernize the businesses with full accountability. We accept our role as an architect and use the power of technology to create a new world that is dominated by humans and assisted by technology.

Foundation built on Trust & Accountability  

  • We place our trust in our colleagues, partners, and clients and maintain positive working relations with everyone. 
  • We make deliberate efforts to maintain an environment where people keep abreast of their ideal behavior and own and share accountability.
  • We strive for and build long-term strong relationships and pursue them with a collaborative and open yet professional culture.

Our Team

Vinay Prakash

Director - Sales & Marketing


Viswanatha Yarasi

CTO and Head of Deliveries


Ashwani Agarwal



Prateek Chandra



Amaresh S

Head - Legal


Rashu Tyagi

Head - Risk & Compliance


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