Intelligent Travel Support

In the present day and age, convenience and speed is the key for all kinds of services. For that reason, smart and AI-based concierge services are taking over most of the hotels and travel agencies. Intelligent programs generally referred to as bots or chatbots are used to speed up and simplify user interactions. Most of the customer requests are repeatable. Such requests are transferred to bots to initiate timely and seamless action to process them.

Natural language processing helps to gain a better understanding of users' searches. This helps in implementing instant messaging to reach out to the customer with the most relevant offers that meet their requirements accurately. This can significantly increase the rate of conversion.

Data science and analytics categories customers based on various parameters. Predictive analysis can be used to find and capture common user requests for each category. Automated responses can be created for these common requests to provide faster services to customers during their travel.

Why Glorious Insight ?

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