Identity and Access Management

Secure your workplace, protect proprietary information and customer data, meet regulatory compliances, and uphold the trust of stakeholders

AI-Enabled Identity Access Management (IAM) Solution

Glorious Insight offers AI-powered intelligent custom identity access management (IAM) solutions to organizations – big and small. We help you operate with confidence keeping security risks and threats at bay. We have the experience and capability to strategize, plan, build and deploy all strategic IAM solutions including Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). We deploy IAM as per your operational needs to protect your data, facilities, and people.

We can integrate IAM with password-management tools, provisioning software, security-policy enforcement applications, reporting and monitoring apps, and identity repositories. We help you establish one digital identity per individual, which makes security monitoring easier and smarter.

Using the right connectors and integrators, we make the deployed IAM solution communicate with firewall and other applications of your IT infrastructure. This connected approach helps you keep a vigil on the security health of your organization, control physical and logical access to, manage identification of people and devices, implement and manage authorization access, and mitigate or control access control attacks.

Cloud readiness
Business cases and cost analysis
Alignment with business strategies
Roadmap recommendation
Best functional practices
Quantitative assessment
Designing Identity Access Management: Our Approach

We take into account the kinds of risk your business has from internal (employees), external (customers, partners, contractual workers, etc.), and unauthorized access (enemies, e-Threats, or malware). We divide the risk into different levels from severe to moderate to low.

Before ideating and building the Identity and access management solution, we also review the legacy IT ecosystem, practices, and policies. It helps us know its current status including weaknesses and strengths.

We also consider the regulatory frameworks related to the industry you operate in and make sure the IAM we propose and create helps you stay compliant with them.

We have experienced digital architects and security experts to transform strategy into a fully-functional real-world identity and access management solution. Here are four stages or components of our IAM solution.

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Identity and Access Control

Identifying and authenticating people, processes, and systems across different touchpoints of your business to check for any unauthorized attacks.

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Compliance and Testing

Examining and authenticating security through penetration testing and vulnerability assessment under different real-world conditions.

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IAM Monitoring

Keep track of the performance of IAM, risks, and vulnerabilities. Know the bottlenecks and challenges. Do all effortlessly from anywhere.

Why Work with Glorious Insights for IAM

Certified Professionals

Glorious Insight banks on its professionals recognized by the top Identity and access management system vendors including IBM, Avatier, Broadcom, C Curity, Forgerock, FusionAuth, and Groove. id. We can assist you with handling threats, managing Access Controls, Rights Management, Identification, Authorization, Authentication, Access Control Matrix, Logging & Monitoring, and Event Management.

Industry Expertise

Every industry has its own requirements, challenges, and risks. Keeping this in mind, we assign dedicated IAM certified professionals for deploying identity and access management system. We have people who draw in experience from different industries and verticals. The methodology helps us in providing you with the right IAM system at the least turnaround time and in an economical way.

Extended Support

Glorious Insight has a dedicated customer service team to provide assistance on all aspects of identity and access management. We make sure that the technology investment serves the intended purpose. From integration and deployment to post-sales support for everything we stay as your universal help desk. Maintain organizational safety while providing unrestricted access to the system and data to authorized users.

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