Transforming Industries with Data & AI

    Empowering decision-makers, reshaping enterprise operations and helping companies to transform digitally to thrive in this competitive world.

Intelligent Data Insights are the new fuel for Industries

With Digital Transformation and Technological revolution, AI has entered into all aspects of our lives and businesses. Almost all the Industries are undergoing a technological shift with Data and AI which is now being the key drivers and your Industry is not an exception. Industries are utilizing the maximum potential of AI technology to optimize their operations and gain a significant improvement in every aspects of their business functions.


Our Services

Data & Analytics Services

We deliver some of the best capabilities needed by customers in the areas of Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI

Cloud Services

We carry a strong experience of assisting our customers in migrating and managing their applications on Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

Digital Automation Services

We assist our customers in automating their curent processes using complete stack OCR, BPM, RPA, Content and Decision Management.

Custom Application Services

It is not always that you find COTS solutions for business problems,we build custom applications for all your critical business needs.

Industry Solutions

We have build our unique identity of proposing and developing Industry Solutions via Glorious Insight Research and Advisory Team.

Vertical Solutions

Our Vertical Solutions are build on advance analytics need of HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales w.r.t Planning & Optimization

Build Better
​Future Using Better Data Insight

Glorious Insight and its Research and Innovation Lab is working with some of the best minds in building the solutions for your Industry. The Team of Glorious Insight understands very well the complexities of changing market and the innovations happening every day, the team translates all such scenarios into solutions. 

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Retail Industry 

Use Cases Driving Innovation: Demand Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning, Profitability Analysis, Price Optimization and Trend Analytics, Inventory and Supply Chain Analytics, Churn Prediction, Promotion Optimization

Transport and Logistics

Use Cases Driving Innovation: Warehouse & Inventory Analytics, Supply Chain Optimization, Fleet Management, Track & Trace, Order Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Route Planning and Optimization


Use Cases Driving Innovation: Efficiency Optimization, Supply Chain Risk Planning, Planning and Forecasting, Cost Analytics, Quality Assurance, After Sales & Sales Analytics,  Production Planning, Predictive Maintenance, Supply Chain Optimization


Use Cases Driving Innovation: Lending Analytics, Transaction Analytics, Risk Analytics, Fraud Analytics, IT & Operations Analytics, Sales and Marketing Analytics, 

Success Stories

Glorious Insight has delivered some of the best projects in the areas BI, Big Data, Advance Analytics, Cloud Migration and Custom Application Development. The vast experience carried by Glorious Insight Team in delivering such projects from incubation to delivery have been highly recognized by the Leadership Team of our esteemed clients. The mantra for ensuring successful delivery is that we put our self in the various personas of the solution required, we interview, we do role play, we do hackathon, we run mind games to bring the best solution outputs in the first go rather customer investing again and again on change request. Our delivery includes Documentation of each and every pieces, Project Planning, ROI Mapping, Business Value Assessment, Cost Justification, Project Management so as to ensure that we achieve what we have dreamed for as a solution.

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